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Audit creator and lead generator ;)

By using our AdWords Audit Tool you will be able to offer your potential clients a way of evaluating their campaigns. Also, for each audit that a potential client is performing, for will get a lead.

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MyClickLab Protector

We develped the most advanced click fraud prevention system & we have also integrated this solution to several partners. You can also try it on one of our partner websites (like www.clickbrainiacs.com).

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KPI oriented reporting system

Our unique performance oriented - alert based - reporting system is currently under development. By the end of April we hope to have a bets version, that would enable free testing.

Coming soon (June 2016)

Simply the best click-fraud prevention solution

Detecting user, bots, automatic blcking & unblocking of IP addresses

Why use MyClickLab

We want to dovelop MyClickLab as a security extension for AdWords, and in the future other – PPC platforms, our purpose being to stop click fraud & to add features unavailable in the AdWords interface (like click caping per IP or user). Some of ur current features are:

  • Click fraud detection (normal trafic and also javascript disabled bots)
  • Real time reporting dashboard
  • Possibility to create rules for automatic blocking of fraudulent IP addresses
  • Posiibility of manual blocking/unbloching
  • Automatic purge of blocked IPs after a given amount of time

detailMyClickLab uses real time tracking technolgy in order to detect Adwords click fraud. Acting as an advanced lgging system, we are able to detect all the sources related to ad clicks at an IP level.


Another important feature of our tracking solution is the no-script tracking, which identifies bots that are accessing your website with javascript disabled (in order deceive other logging systems – Google Analytics included).

detailOnce the tracking code is enabled and it is gathering data, our algorithms are constantly analysing users and IP behaviour, identifying suspect IPs and users that clicked multiple times on your ads.


Once the detection has been made, the suspect IPs can be automatically excluded from your Adwords campaigns (by using Adwords API) in order to prevent more clicks and deficit in your adwords account.

We are continuously working on developing

and improving our click fraud solution

And also we are offering unique partnership programs

  • techstarttechstart
  • infinityinfinity
  • audioproaudiopro
  • rkorko
  • sportsport
  • strongwavestrongwave
  • swanswan
  • swanserswanser

Start using our services now - 100% free (during beta testing), no credit card or contract needed.